Our chapter strives to unify Latinx students interested in journalism and aid them in career advancement through hands-on reporting and professional development. 


Our vision is to enhance and gain new skills as aspiring Latinx journalists to make us a powerful force in media representation by:

  • Participating and collaborating in hands-on written and visual reporting of the Latinx presence on campus
    • Members will have a chance to conduct interviews, write articles, produce podcasts, and film/edit videos 
  • Networking through inviting guest speakers, mentorship, and field trips

Ethics Code

Seek truth and report factual statements. Do not let your own biases affect your reporting in any form. This means you cannot report on an organization of which you are a part of. When reporting, do not wear anything that presents your allegiance to another organization that may compromise your neutrality. Do not accept bribes in any form. Anything not covered should be deferred to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics.